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Graduates Holding Diplomas

The purpose of our scholarship program is to provide financial assistance to deserving and needy students. Because we live in a school district which serves many low-income students, the need is great. Our scholarships benefit not only deserving students, but their families and the community as well.  Our goal this year is to raise at least $20,000 to help our students.

Your generous donation helps Chimacum High School graduates continue their post-high school education through college and technical school programs. It’s how dreams are realized!  Help us achieve our goal by donating today!

While COVID-19 has distanced FOCS members, it sure hasn't stopped us! Pictured below is the FOCS scholarship committee hard at work doing interviews for scholarships during COVID-19. 


Friends of Chimacum Schools (FOCS) Scholarships 2022

Last year FOCS awarded over $73,200.00 in local scholarships to students going on to either college or vocational school. This year YOU could be a deserving recipient. Please see your counselor for help in putting together your portfolio and then submit it in the spring to be eligible for a variety of scholarships. It’s not as hard as you might think, and it can really pay off for you!

This represents the most current list of scholarships available to students through the Friends of Chimacum Schools Foundation. Some scholarships are renewable, depending on the donor’s discretion and on the student’s academic performance while in college. To be eligible for FOCS scholarships, students must be enrolled in college or vocational courses by fall of 2022, and must remain enrolled for the year of the award or until the course of study has been completed.

Who Should Apply
Greg Bolling Memorial
College-bound or Voc-Tech students
Chimacum Staff Payroll
College-bound students
Franson Trucking
Vocational-Technical students
Discovery Bay Women’s Golf Club
Female athletes, either College-bound or Voc-Tech (needs based; strong leadership; academics; citizenship; community service)
Jeannine & Duke Shold
5 X $2,000 (renewable)
College-bound or Voc-Tech students, especially those with strong financial need
Tina Johnson Memorial
College-bound or Voc-Tech (library preferred)
Susan Phillips AP Scholarship
College-bound (AP students)
Ross & Claudine Roesler Memorial
$10,000 (renewable for 4 years)
College-bound students
Port Ludlow Village Players
Students majoring in performing arts
Trista Colton Veith Memorial
Special Needs Student (dyslexia)
Norm Christie
$1,200 (renewable)
Students majoring in STEM subjects
Karen Jensen Memorial/Backpack Program
2 X $1,000
Positive, committed students
First Federal Bank
Students majoring in business
Olympic Equipment Rentals
Voc-Tech students
Truvedson Estate
3 X $1,000
College-bound students
Quilcene Lions
Voc-Tech or College-bound students
Steve Ramsey/Ann Jones
2 X $1,000
College-bound students
Mitch Black Memorial
3 X $1,000 (renewable)
College-bound students priority; Voc-Tech secondary
Jeff & Marcia Harris
College-bound or Voc-Tech
Kim Kooistra
College-bound or Voc-Tech (strong community service)
Dave Garing Memorial
College-bound or Voc-Tech, softball player in high school
FOCS Scholarship Endowment Fund
College-bound or Voc-Tech
CHS Class of 1970
College-bound or Voc-Tech
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