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2022 Scholarship Recipients

Meet The Scholarship Recipients

2021 RENEWABLE SCHOLARSHIPS: These students from the class of 2021 will receive renewable scholarships from Duke and Jeanine Shold:

Eva Casey: Eva is currently studying cultural anthropology at Spokane Falls Community College. She will receive an additional $2000. Eva hopes to become a researcher and writer someday.

Bjorn Devas: Receiving an additional $1000, Bjorn will begin his second year at Evergreen State College, where he is studying sustainable agriculture.

Solana Gonzalez: Solana is continuing her studies at the University of Washington, where she is majoring in neuroscience. She will receive $2000.

Hailey Haralson: Hailey’s dream is to become a commercial pilot one day, and to that end she is studying aeronautical science and taking flying lessons at Green River Community College, where she will begin her second year this fall. Hailey will receive $2000.

Madisyn Johnson: Madisyn has finished her AA degree at Olympic College and is now taking medic classes in order to qualify for EMT schooling. She is awarded $2000 to complete her studies.

2021 Renewable Scholarships

How to describe the class of 2022 seniors? Two words: resilience and tenacity. These qualities were needed as the students gradually emerged from lockdown, distance learning, and seemingly endless Zoom meetings back to in-place education and a tentative return to classes, clubs, sports, and social activities. Just as things seemed to be getting back to normal, however, a rise in infections necessitated further restrictions. Undaunted, seniors gamely put their masks back on, squirted on a little more hand sanitizer, and worked even harder to finish their studies and achieve their dreams. They will become electricians or veterinarians or psychiatrists or lawyers or political leaders or marine mechanics or microbiologists or a variety of other careers, in large part because the generous Chimacum community, under the auspices of FOCS, has provided so many scholarships to help fund these dreams. This year FOCS will award $88,650 in scholarships to the class of 2022 and to previous Chimacum graduates who continue todo well in their studies.


Your continued support means so much to these students. One recipient wrote: “Dear FOCS: I am so lucky and honored to have gotten the scholarship. Thank you so much for making my dream come true. I promise I won’t let you down and I hope that one dayI will be in your seat helping someone as you did me…”


Another grateful student said this: “I wanted to extend my deepest gratitude for your service to Chimacum schools and community. I am beyond appreciative for everything you do. The aid I received is nothing short of life changing. I can’t wait to see where I go from here. Thank you again.”


Here are our winners, first from the class of 2022:

Other Renewable Scholarships:

Students who receive the $40,000 Ross and Claudine Roesler Memorial Scholarship are guaranteed an award for each year of their successful undergraduate programs. Receiving additional funds from this generous scholarship this year are the following:

Jesse Watson, from the class of 2021, is currently majoring in computer science at Washington State University. Jesse will receive another $10,000 this year.

Isabelle Harvey: Receiving another $10,000 this year, Isabelle, from the class of 2020, is starting her third year at Western Washington University. She is majoring in accounting.

Renee Woods, from the class of 2019, will receive $9000 this year as she completes her studies in kinesiology at Western Washington University.

And finally...

Lacey Bishop, who is beginning her fourth year at University of the Pacific in Oregon, is studying art history and the law, and also sociology in hopes of becoming a professor. She has found her passion in teaching. She will receive an additional $2000 Mitch Black Memorial Scholarship. 

Cody Clark, from the class of 2020, will receive a $2000 Mitch Black Memorial Scholarship. Cody is majoring in Business Administration at Central Washington University.

Alima Devas, a member of the class of 2019, is the recipient of the four-year Judy Gunter Memorial Scholarship. She will receive an additional $500 this year as she begins her fourth year at Easter Washington University, where she is majoring in psychology.

Haley Morrison: Haley, the valedictorian of the class of 2020, is currently enrolled at Washington State University, where she is studying veterinary medicine. Haley will receive an additional $1000 from Jeff and Marcia Harris.

Elizabeth Shifflett: Elizabeth, a 2020 CHS graduate, is majoring in chemical engineering at the University of Washington. In recognition of her continued academic excellence, she has been awarded the $2,500 Steve Ramsey/Ann Jones Scholarship.

Thank you!

The Friends of Chimacum Schools Education Foundation would like to thank all these wonderful students for their exceptional efforts. We are so grateful to the teachers, administrators, staff, family, and community members who have been so supportive during these challenging times. A very special thank you goes to our wonderful donors, whose generous support changes lives.

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