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2023 Scholarship Recipients

Meet The Scholarship Recipients

2021 Renewable Scholarships

Ask almost any senior in the class of 2023, and they will tell you that the two years of their high school experience stolen by Covid were not easy; as one student put it, “Covid closed off the world.” Isolation, loneliness, uncertainty, and anxiety over academic lessons delivered via Zoom were replaced, though, by a sense of relief and hope once school was finally open again. Students enjoyed just being together in classes, sports, clubs, and all the other activities that high school offers. Perhaps because it was so good to be together again, this class was characterized by a strong sense of community. Their teachers noted time and time again that these seniors were exceptionally kind and sensitive to the needs of their peers. With a strong belief in inclusion and equity, they cared for each other. Good character was as important as strong academics and athletic skill. 

The Friends of Chimacum Schools Education Foundation is delighted to announce the winners of the 2023 scholarships generously donated by our caring community. This year we are awarding $89,156. 55 in scholarships. We congratulate these outstanding students and wish them all the best as they begin this next step of their educational journey. 

Here are our winners from the class of 2023:

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Robyn has always been interested in the medical field, and is looking forward to attending the Oregon Institute of Technology, where she will major in diagnostic imaging. Her teachers note that this is an excellent career choice for Robyn, with her attention to detail and her ability to be a strong independent learner. Robyn admires her mom, who has sacrificed so much to help her succeed, and is proud that her Running Start classes have helped her prepare for college. Currently enjoying her job at Don’s Pharmacy, Robyn has a good sense of what it is like to work in a medical field. She has been awarded the Chimacum Backpacks/Karen Jensen Memorial Scholarship of $1500.



AVA AMOS: Ava is currently studying at Washington State University, where, after completing her basic requirements, she will major in veterinary science. Her dream is to one day open her own practice, specializing in large animals and wildlife. Ava will receive an additional $2000.

BEN MARTIN: Ben is majoring in Health and Safety Management at Central Washington University. His goal is to facilitate safe working environments in places like factories, environmental disaster sites, and large construction sites. Ben will receive an additional $2000.

EUGENIA PHILLIPS-FRANK: It is Eugenia’s hope that her double major in history and political science at the University of Chicago will give her the foundation for a life of public service and a possible run for political office one day. As she begins her second year of college, Eugenia will receive another $1000 from Duke and Jeanne Shold.

VIOLA PHILLIPS-FRANK: Eugenia’s equally gifted twin, Viola, hopes to become an environmental lawyer and policy maker dedicated to protecting the environment. She is enrolled at the Rausser College of Natural Resources at the University of California at Berkeley. Her renewable Duke and Jeanne Shold scholarship is for $1000.

JACOB RICHARDSON: Yet another recipient of the generosity of the Sholds, Jacob will receive an additional $2000 to aid in his studies of microbiology at the University of Washington Bothell campus. Jacob is fascinated by the possibility of using cell manipulation to improve the quality of the earth’s food sources.


MICAJAH SHIFLETT: Currently majoring in pre-law at Washington State University, Micajah’s plan is to eventually be accepted for law school at the University of Washington. As a personal injury lawyer one day, Micajah hopes to be able to help people who lack the resources to achieve justice. He will receive an additional $2000 from the Sholds.


Students who receive the $40,000 Ross and Claudine Roesler Memorial Scholarship are guaranteed an award for each year of their successful undergraduate programs. Receiving additional funds from this generous scholarship this year are the following:

AVA VAUGHAN-MIFSUD, from the class of 2022, is currently working on her double major in business administration and environmental studies at the University of Washington. Her goal is to work with organizations to reduce their carbon footprint and boost sustainability practices. Ava will receive an additional $10,000.


JESSE WATSON, from the class of 2021, will also receive an additional $10,000. Jesse is currently majoring in computer science at Washington State University.


ISABELLE HARVEY, from the class of 2020, is finishing her degree in accounting this year. She is currently a student at Western Washington University. She will receive $10,000 to complete her studies.

And finally...

HALEY MORRISON, who is studying veterinary medicine at Washington State University, will receive an additional $1000 from Jeff and Marcia Harris.

ELIZABETH SHIFLETT: Elizabeth is currently majoring in chemical engineering at the University of Washington. In recognition of her continued academic excellence, Elizabeth will receive an additional $2,500 from the Steve Ramsey/Anne Jones scholarship.

Thank you!

The Friends of Chimacum School Education Foundation applauds the students of the class of 2023 for their exceptional good character, leadership, and academic excellence, and wishes them all the best as they pursue their dreams. We are so grateful to the teachers, administrators, staff, family, and community members who have been so supportive during these challenging times. A very special thank you goes to our amazing donors, whose generous support changes lives.

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