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2021 Scholarship Awards

This has been a challenging year for the class of 2021. The pandemic has forced students to miss out on more than a year of in-class learning, sports, clubs, community activities, social events, and personal interactions with friends and teachers. In spite of these difficult challenges, these 2021 students were resilient and strong as they completed their high school studies and prepared for an uncertain future. While the pandemic resulted in far fewer applicants for the FOCS scholarships this year, the candidates were impressive; all showed a maturity and strength beyond their years.

With so few applicants, the FOCS scholarship committee decided, with the permission of our generous community donors, to award scholarships to deserving 2020 recipients as well. This year we are pleased to announce that FOCS donated $36,200 in scholarships to the class of 2021, and an additional $37,500 to the class of 2020 in renewable and new scholarships. Thus the overall amount awarded to Chimacum graduates this year comes to $73,700.

Here are the stories of our deserving students:

EVA CASEY: Fascinated by history and linguistics, Eva plans to attend Spokane Community College and then transfer to Washington State University, where she will major in cultural anthropology. Her ultimate goal is to be a writer. Eva loves research and has been happily diving into historical topics since a fourth grade teacher told her of the story of Anne Frank. In seventh grade she was thrilled to win a history award and then travel to Washington D.C. She credits her middle school teacher, Ms. Gretchen Berg, with sparking her interest in the Holocaust. Eva will receive a $2000 renewable scholarship from Duke and Jeannie Shold, the $1000 Mitch Black Memorial Scholarship, and $1000 from the Karen Jensen Backpacks for Kids Memorial Scholarship. 

BJORN DEVAS:  Described by his teachers as “thoughtful, open-minded, curious, and respectful of other cultures,” Bjorn has noble goals. His hope is to find an occupation that will allow him to be of service to others and to help protect the environment. To that end, he will be attending Evergreen College in the fall to study sustainable agriculture and community organization. He hopes to continue his love of travelling and to open his own business one day. A well-rounded student and top athlete, Bjorn is looking forward to competing in track at Evergreen. Bjorn will receive a $1000 Mitch Black Memorial Scholarship, $1000 from the Truvedson Estate, and a $1000 renewable Duke and Jeanine Shold Scholarship.

AMYIAH FISHER: Amyiah appears to be well on her way to achieving her dream of being a lawyer. She will have completed her AA degree from Olympic College this June, which will give her a head start on her studies of criminal justice at Seattle University. After observing various court procedures in the local justice system, Amyiah is looking forward to the opportunity to serve justice in this community. Goal-driven and focused, she is described by her teachers as “assertive, with a good, strong presence; she is confident and should do well in the courtroom.” A well-rounded student and athlete, Amyiah has also been lauded for being very supportive of her family. She will receive $1000 from the Truvedson Estate.

SOLANA GONZALEZ: The pandemic has exacerbated the already great need for mental health services in this country, and Solana wants to be part of the solution. With a passion for neuroscience and an A.S. degree from Running Start, Solana’s goal is to become a psychiatrist and work to break down the stigma around mental health. She will attend the University of Washington in the fall. An outstanding student with an exceptional work ethic, determination, and compassion for others, Solana has extended her positive influence far beyond the classroom. She served as an outstanding counselor to middle school students in the CISPUS outdoor education program, and is currently working as an aide to residents of Life Care Center of Port Townsend. She is the class valedictorian and, as an outstanding student in AP English, received the highest possible score on the AP test as a sophomore. Solana will receive the $2000 Susan Phillips AP scholarship, $1600 from the Chimacum Staff Payroll Deduction Scholarship, and a $2000 renewable scholarship from Duke and Jeanine Shold.

HAILEY HARALSON: After receiving her A.A. degree from Olympic College this June, Hailey will attend Green River College in the fall. She is well on her way to achieving her dream of attaining a Bachelor of Science in aeronautical sciences and becoming a commercial pilot. Hailey has already started flight training and should have her private pilot’s license by the end of the summer. In an industry where only five per cent of pilots are women, Hailey hopes to some day serve as a role model for young girls with great ambitions like herself. A “mechanics geek” who loves cars as well as planes, Hailey has shown initiative and solid research in preparing for her career. Teachers describe her as “very bubbly, very bright; a really fun personality who takes pride in her work.” Hailey will receive $1000 from the Discovery Bay Women’s Golf Club, $200 from the Quilcene Lions Club, and a $2000 renewable scholarship from Duke and Jeanine Shold. 

MADISYN JOHNSON: Her beloved grandmother taught Madisyn to be kind to everyone no matter what, for everyone needs love and understanding. Inspired by her grandmother’s example, Madisyn will enroll in the nursing program at Eastern Washington University in the fall, and hopes eventually to become a travelling nurse both here and abroad, helping those most in need. A Running Start student for the past two years, Madisyn attributes part of her focus and self-discipline to her love of playing the piano. Her teachers praise her as “a real go-getter, highly motivated, high energy, very organized, a girl who really knows what she wants.” Madisyn will receive a $2000 renewable Shold Scholarship, $500 from Olympic Equipment Rentals, $1000 from the Karen Jensen Back Packs for Kids Memorial Scholarship, and the $2000 Christie Johnson Memorial Scholarship. Madisyn personifies the virtues of kindness and compassion exemplified by the donors of her scholarships.

ALICIA JONES: A budding entrepreneur, Alicia has enjoyed working at a local coffee stand so much that she dreams of one day owning her own business! She has worked at two local restaurants as well as the coffee stand while completing her high school studies. Challenged by the difficulties of on-line learning, Alicia focused on developing better study skills when she returned to in-person classes. She admires her teachers not only for the academic strengths they instilled in her, but also for their lessons in human dignity and the importance of community. Alicia will attend Olympic College in the fall and is interested in a possible career in the health care field. Teachers note that she is “articulate, mature, and shows leadership potential.” Alicia will receive the $1500 Danita Ellis Memorial Scholarship and a $1000 renewable Duke and Jeanine Shold scholarship.

JESSE WATSON: One of Jesse’s proudest moments was building his own computer in middle school, which bodes well for his future success as a computer engineer. He is looking forward to studying computer science at Washington State University, and hopes to complete his studies early, as he will already have his A.S. degree from Running Start classes before attending WSU. A student of many interests, Jesse has excelled at his English and French classes as well as in science and technology. He admits to admiring his English professor for his ability to put the most complex situation into clear, effective words, and in turn Jesse’s teachers have noted his ability to communicate well. Teachers describe Jesse as being “so engaged in class, immediately applying what he has learned, with great questions...” He was also praised for his brave work as a courtesy clerk at QFC during the pandemic. “He really stepped up.” Jesse has been awarded the $10,000 Ross and Claudine Roesler Memorial Scholarship (renewable for four years for a total of $40,000), and the Norm Christie STEM scholarship of $1200.

2020 RENEWABLE SCHOLARSHIPS: These students from the class of 2020 will receive renewable scholarships or be granted new scholarships for their continued excellence in their studies.

DIAMOND YOUNG: Diamond is currently studying criminal justice at Spokane Falls Community College before continuing on to Washington State University. Because of covid concerns, Diamond has deferred her renewable $2000 Duke and Jeanine Shold scholarship until 2022.

GISEL RAMIREZ-SANCHEZ: Gisel will receive an additional $2000 from Duke and Jeanine Shold to continue her studies at Washington State University, where she is majoring in nursing. Fluent in both English and Spanish, Gisel hopes to eventually work in a children’s hospital in the Puget Sound area.

SHAWN ROLLNESS: Shawn is also a student at Washington State University. He is majoring in mechanical engineering and architectural design. Shawn is the recipient of a $2000 Duke and Jeanine Shold renewable scholarship.

ANNALIESE TOEPPER: Annaliese is currently working at West Sound Tech to earn her certification as a licensed esthetician. Her dream is to open her own spa one day. Annaliese will receive an additional $1000 from her Duke and Jeanine Shold Scholarship this year to aid in her studies.

KYLE TENNY: Another recipient of a renewable Duke and Jeanine Shold Scholarship is Kyle Tenny, who has been awarded $2,250. In addition, Kyle will receive $1000 from Franson Trucking. Kyle is currently majoring in construction management at Montana State University. 

CODY CLARK: A student at Central Washington University, Cody is majoring in chemistry and minoring in law and justice. His eventual goal is to be a forensic scientist for the FBI. Cody will receive an additional $2,250 for his studies from Duke and Jeanine Shold.

BRAYDEN YINGLING: Brayden, who is studying law and justice at Central Washington University, was the first winner of the $1000 Mitch Black Memorial Scholarship last year. The great success of the First Annual Mitch Black Memorial Golf Tournament last fall has allowed the family the opportunity to continue this scholarship, and they are pleased to offer Brayden an additional $1000 this year to continue his studies. In addition, Brayden has been awarded the $500 Tina Johnson Memorial Scholarship.

HALEY MORRISON: Haley, the valedictorian of the class of 2020, is currently enrolled at Washington State University, where she is studying veterinary medicine. Haley has been awarded the $500 First Federal Bank Scholarship and the $500 Jeff and Marcia Harris Scholarship.

CLAIRE JORGENSEN: Claire, the recipient of the Truvedson Estate Scholarship last year, will receive an additional $1000 from the Estate this year. Claire is currently a student at the University of Redlands in California, where she is designing a major that combines business, sociology, and animal studies.

RACHEL MATTHES: Rachel is enrolled in the honors program at Oregon State University, where she is pursuing a five-year dual degree in forestry and engineering. She has been awarded an additional $1000 from the Truvedson Estate.

ELIZABETH SHIFFLET: Elizabeth is pursuing her love of chemistry and math by studying chemical engineering at the University of Washington. In recognition of her continued academic excellence, she has been awarded the $2000 Ramsey/Jones Scholarship, renewable each year until she finishes college. 

RENEE WOODS, the recipient of the Ross and Claudine Roesler Memorial Scholarship in 2019, will receive an additional $9000 this year as she continues her studies at Western Washington University, where she is working on a public health degree with the goal of fostering connections within public health care settings.

ISABELLE HARVEY is the 2020 winner of the Ross and Claudine Roesler Memorial Scholarship, and she will receive an additional $10,000 this year. Isabelle is currently in the Honors Program at Western Washington University, where she is majoring in engineering and minoring in music.

LUCY MILLER received the $1000 Women in Education scholarship in 2020. She will receive an additional $1000 this year as she continues her studies at Olympic College. Lucy’s dream is to become an art teacher.

ALIMA DEVAS, a member of the class of 2019, is the recipient of the four year renewable Judy Gunter Memorial Scholarship. She will receive an additional $500 this year as she continues her studies at Eastern Washington University, where she is majoring in psychology. Alima’s goal is to work with children in the foster care system.


The Friends of Chimacum Schools Education Foundation would like to thank all these outstanding students from the classes of 2020 and 2021 for their exceptional efforts during challenging times. We are so grateful to the teachers, staff, family, and community members who have been so supportive of their efforts. A very special thank you goes to our wonderful donors, whose generous support changes lives.

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