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2024 Scholarship Recipients

Meet The Scholarship Recipients

Perhaps as a lingering result of the many challenges, both academic and personal, caused by the Covid epidemic, there were fewer scholarship applicants in 2023 and 2024 than in previous years. These applicants, though, showed determination and grit in working to achieve a variety of educational goals. Whether their dreams were academic or vocational, these students were ready to accept the challenges of a changing world. The money available from our generous donors was not held back because the applicants were fewer this year; instead, FOCS reached out to Chimacum graduates from the past few years who are continuing to do well in college and still in need of financial support. Our community has good reason to be proud of all these Chimacum

The Friends of Chimacum Schools Education Foundation is pleased to announce the winners of the 2024 scholarships generously donated by our caring community. This year we are awarding a grand total of $106, 267.00 in scholarships. We congratulate these wonderful students and wish them continued success as they begin the next step of their educational journey. 

Here are our winners from the class of 2024:


For the past 16 years, Duke and Jeanne Shold have donated thousands of dollars to help our Chimacum students realize their academic and vocational dreams. To date, an incredible total of 114 Chimacum students have benefitted from the Sholds’ generosity. Here are this year’s recipients:

AVA AMOS: (2022): Another home-grown future vet, Ava is the recipient of a $2000 renewable Duke and Jeanne Shold Scholarship. Ava is currently studying veterinary science at Washington State University, where she is working at the veterinary teaching hospital and loving her studies.

MADISON BURGESS: (2023): Now completing her first year at the University of Washington, Madison is studying Aquatics and Fisheries. She will receive the second $2000 installment of her Duke and Jeanne Shold scholarship.

TANNER HADDENHAM: (2023): Tanner reports that he is loving his Criminal Justice classes at Central Washington University, and who wouldn’t, with titles like “Murder and Mass Mayhem in the U.S.”?! Tanner will receive another $2000 Shold Scholarship.

HALEY MORRISON: (2020): Another outstanding Chimacum graduate specializing in animal science, Haley has finished her Bachelor of Science degree in Microbiology in the Honors Program at Washington State University and has been accepted into the veterinary school there. In addition to her $2000 renewable Shold Scholarship, Haley will also receive a continuing $2000 scholarship from Jeff and Marcia Harris.

MARIA POWELL (2023): Majoring in jazz studies at the University of North Texas, Maria is excited at the many opportunities she has had to play with professional musicians at her school. Maria will receive another $2000 from the Sholds.

MICAJAH SHIFLETT (2022): Chimacum has produced yet another promising veterinary candidate in Micajah, who is currently enrolled in zoology and pre-veterinary classes at Washington State University and receiving excellent grades. He will receive another $2000 Shold Scholarship.

ALYSSA VANDENBERG (2023): A talented athlete who was recruited for the basketball and softball teams at Centralia College, Alyssa is currently enrolled in the highly competitive nursing program there. She will be helped in her studies by another $2000 from the Sholds.


This scholarship honors the legacy of Ross and Claudine Roesler, longtime residents of Port Ludlow. Claudine was a philanthropist who was especially interested in enhancing medical care and support for patients and their families, and for supporting the students of Chimacum High School. She gifted nearly one million dollars to the Harrison Medical Center Foundation as well as to Jefferson Healthcare and Chimacum Schools. This generous scholarship guarantees students a $10,00 award for each year of their successful undergraduate programs for a total of four years. In addition to this year’s winner, REID MARTIN, the following students will receive an additional $10,000 this year:


CONNOR PATERSON (2023): Connor is currently completing his first year at UC Davis, where he is receiving excellent grades in his major of mechanical engineering.


AVA VAUGHN-MIFSUD (2022): Committed to developing sustainability in farming practices, Ava is majoring in business and environmental studies at the University of Washington.


JESSE WATSON (2021): Jesse will enter his final year at Washington State University, where he is majoring in computer engineering and loving his studies.


The FOCS scholarship committee was surprised and delighted this year to receive a generous $10,000 check from an anonymous donor, to dispense as we thought best. The committee decided to disburse the funds to the following students, with many thanks to this mysterious donor:

MADISON BURGESS (2023): Madison will receive $2000 from FOCS to continue her studies in Aquatics and Fisheries at the University of Washington.

VIOLA PHILLIPS-FRANK (2023): Delighting in her involvement in sailing, choir, and student government during her first year at the University of California Berkley, Viola is majoring in environmental science with a minor in history. She will receive $1,500.


TANNER HADDENHAM (2023): Tanner will receive $1,500 from FOCS as he begins his second year studying Criminal Justice at Central Washington University.


MARIA POWELL (2023): An additional $1500 from FOCS goes to Maria to continue her music studies at the University of North Texas.


JACOB RICHARDSON (2023): Fascinated by the potential of cell manipulation to improve the quality of the earth’s food sources, Jacob is majoring in microbiology at the University of Washington. He will receive $2000 from FOCS.


LOUELLE ROWAN (2023): Luelle is currently completing her undergraduate requirements at Olympic College before transferring to the University of Washington, where she will major in criminology. She hopes to one day have a career with the FBI. Louelle will receive $1500 from FOCS.

Thank you!

The Friends of Chimacum Schools Education Foundation congratulates the students of the class of 2024 as well as students from previous years who are continuing their post-high school studies. These young people have worked hard, overcome difficult challenges, and demonstrated creativity and strength in achieving their goals. We wish our CHS graduates all the best as they pursue their dreams!

FOCS is so grateful to the teachers, administrators, school board members, staff, family, and community members who have been so supportive of all these students. A very special thank you goes to our amazing donors, whose generous support changes lives and nourishes our community.

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