Friends of Chimacum Schools Education Foundation (FOCS)

provides resources (not included in the district budget) to students within classrooms; encourages educators to pursue special learning projects; and assists students in continuing their education by promoting and awarding scholarships. 

President: Susan Phillips

Vice President: Audrey Delmore

Secretary: Marianne Walters

Treasurer: Sarah Johnson

Board Members: Sheila Burrell, Susan Phillips, Audrey Delmore, Kim Pratt, Ruth Osborn, Marianne Walters, Maggie Ejde, Stephanie McCleary, Mary Foster, Jesse Best, Patti Smith, Sarah Johnson, Maren Johnson, Karen Newman, Wes Reed

Scholarship Committee

Co-Chairs: Marianne Walter & Susan Phillips 

Members: Mary Foster & Ruth Osborn


Educational Grant Committee

Chair Kim Pratt

Vice Chair Patti Smith

Emeritus Board Members: 

Henry Rogers, Quentin Goodrich