Friends of Chimacum Schools Education Foundation (FOCS)

provides resources (not included in the district budget) to students within classrooms; encourages educators to pursue special learning projects; and assists students in continuing their education by promoting and awarding scholarships. 

President: Maggie Ejde

Vice President: Audrey Delmore

Secretary: Marianne Walters

Treasurer: Stephanie McCleary​

Board Members: Sheila Burrell, Susan Phillips, Audrey Delmore, Kim Pratt, Ruth Osborn, Marianne Walters, Maggie Ejde, Stephanie McCleary, Mary Foster, Rick Thompson, Sarah Johnson, Karen Newman, Wes Reed

Scholarship Committee

Co-Chairs: Marianne Walter & Susan Phillips 

Members: Mary Foster & Ruth Osborn


Educational Grant Committee

Chair Kim Pratt

Vice Chair Maggie Ejde

Emeritus Board Members: 

Henry Rogers, Quentin Goodrich

Friends of Chimacum Schools Education Foundation   

EIN #94-3238264

P.O. Box 192, Chimacum, WA 98325